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pH and Conductivity and the 'Elephant' in the Room

 There's an old story about a group of blind men attempting to describe an elephant by touching different parts of its body. "It's like a snake," said the one who touched its trunk. "No, it's like a fan," said the one who touched its ear.The parable shows how we all tend to base "truth" on our sometimes limited or subjective experience, often ...
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The Case of the Poisoned Sensors

Sensors only have one job. But it's not always the sensor's fault for failing when it's being poisoned on duty.In this Tip from the Field, DMS Regional Sales Manager, Justin Denson, describes how he solved a sensor situation that pitted engineering against environment…I had a customer who was using our XNX universal transmitter with our MPD catalyt...
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Flammable Solvents, Poor Ventilation and LEL Sensors Tip from the Field

This Tip from the Field is about gas detection sensors in poorly ventilated rooms monitoring flammable solvents.Justin Denson, Regional Sales Manager for Texas City, Freeport and Sweeney, worked with a plant that had a small room where they stored containers of solvents. One sensor was constantly alarming, other LEL sensors were in readings, and th...
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The Worst Kind of Hazard is a "No Awareness" Hazard

DMS is in the safety business. We work in industries that are known to be dangerous, and without attention to safety precautions, lives are at stake.The worst kind of hazard is one where there's no awareness of the potential hazard. This Tip from the Field is that story. Fortunately, it had a good outcome.Co-owner and Vice President of DMS, Ray Pea...
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pH Water Treatment Tip from the Field

There's a very tricky pH water treatment measurement that many people seem to struggle with. It's the kind of headache we commonly see in the field, but may not have been exposed to before now.In Tips from the Field, DMS shares unusual problems and how they were resolved.  We enjoy tackling unique issues in the field and always welcome the cha...
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Blackline Safety Increases Worker Safety with Real-Time Monitoring and Gas Detection

Now Personal Gas Detectors Do More Than Just "BEEP"!A Personal Safety Monitor for Portable Gas Detection and Lone Worker Safety Real-Time Gas Detection Notifications:24/7 Wireless Monitored DeviceHigh and low gas alerts with GPS location for emergency responseTime-weighted average (TWA) & Short-term exposure limits (STEL)Bump, calibration ...
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SWAN Turbidity Analyzer Qualifies for TCEQ Quarterly Calibration Exception

SWAN Water Turbidity Analyzer with Available TCEQ Calibration Exception​The SWAN Turbimeter is a Nephelometric System based on ISO 7027 for the automatic and continuous measurement of turbidity in potable water, surface water and effluent.4 year warranty LED lamp source, rated to last 10+ years without replacementNon-contact optical system kee...
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