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Welcome to the Honeywell Shop. DMS is your one-stop-shop for commercial and industrial-use Honeywell products from gas detection to industrial flame monitoring, gas cloud imaging systems to optical flame detection products.

Honeywell offers a robust selection of gas and fire protection technologies for a variety of industrial processes. Here you'll find an overview of each of the 4 lines of Honeywell products carried by DMS with links to their full specs and details.

Honeywell Analytics Combustible and Toxic Gas Detection 

Protect people and processes, achieve maximum uptime and cost efficiencies with the industry's most reliable, advanced point infrared gas detector, Searchpoint Optima Plus.

This world's largest selling infrared hydrocarbon detector boasts an extremely fast response to hydrocarbon gas exposure. Searchpoint Optima Plus delivers years of virtually maintenance-free operation and is certified for Hazardous Areas anywhere in the world. (IP66/IP67 Protection against wet environments and SIL 2 Certification).

Go here to see our full line of Honeywell Analytics products including Electrocatalytic combustible gas detectors, SureCell electrochemical toxic gas detectors, Smart Transmitters offering HART, Modbus, Foundation Fieldbus and relays.

Honeywell Thermal Solutions Industrial Flame Monitoring 

Meet the Honeywell Thermal Solutions' Industrial Flame Monitoring (IFM) line. Honeywell IFM products are the ideal solution for a wide array of industrial processes and applications.

Take the S70X and S80X Series Viewing Heads and the 700 Series Signal Processors, for example. These tools are ideal for single-fuel applications where a high level of discrimination is not required. The viewing heads contain UVTron with pulse technology making them optimal for low NOx gas burners where there are small and slow moving flames.

Go here to see the full line of Honeywell IFM products including high-discrimination processors, multi-viewing head monitoring, and more.

 Honeywell Rebellion Gas Cloud Imaging Camera

Make industry greener, safer, and more profitable with Honeywell's Gas Cloud Imaging technology.

This is the most advanced hyperspectral gas imaging systems for the oil and gas industry.

Hyperspectral imaging technology coupled with machine learning analytics pinpoint a gas leak source and measure its volume and concentration.

GCI cameras, such as Honeywell's Rebellion Gas Cloud Imaging Camera, use a proprietary hyperspectral imaging technology to capture both visible spectrum and infrared video to monitor, quantify, and display over 50 types of gases as a leak occurs. It can identify volume and concentration of a gas leak in under a second while sending real-time alerts to monitoring personnel.

Go here to see the full line of Honeywell Gas Cloud Imaging products.

 Honeywell Analytics Fire Sentry Optical Flame Detection

These unique, multi-spectrum optical flame detectors provide exceptional performance and unmatched event diagnostics featuring patented WideBand Infrared flame detection technology.

Honeywell Analytics Fire Sentry electro-optic digital fire detectors are highly sophisticated devices that sense the optical radiant energy emitted by fires. The on-board microprocessor employs complex Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to accurately tell the difference between radiant energy of a real fire and a false source.

The F24X "Quad-Band" Triple IR Plus (IR/IR/IR/Visible) Flame Detector, for example uses sophisticated software algorithms and dual microprocessors ensure the highest fire detection performance combined with optimal false alarm rejection.

Go here to see the full line of Honeywell Analytics Fire Sentry products.

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