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Next Generation Water Analysis with SWAN

The SWAN family has gotten a little bigger. Introducing the Seres OL line from SWAN Analytical USA. View more Swan Analyzers here.

SWAN Analytical USA is a leading manufacturer of high quality on-line analytical instruments. The Seres OL line is the latest and greatest in water quality analysis applications, offering user-friendly features such as:

  • Color touchscreen for easy interface
  • Precise and reliable peristaltic pumps
  • Rugged casing for harsh environments
  • Multi-channel options

Seres TOC Evolution Analyzers

When you need precise and rapid measurements of TOC (total organic carbon) levels and COD (chemical oxygen demand), nothing compares to the Seres TOC Evolution analyzers.

Avoid costly equipment damages with immediate detection of contaminants, including natural organic matter and disinfection byproducts. These durable, low-maintenance analyzers boast a rapid response time for detecting water steam cycle leakages and feature automatic zero-point detection at a very reasonable operating cost.

The Seres TOC Evolution Analyzers are ideal for water treatment plants, waste water plants, and industrial processes.

Go here to see specs and details of all 3 available models.

 Topaz Analyzer Series

Automatically monitor a range of measurement parameters with the Topaz Analyzer Series. With more measurement options than ever before, the Topaz Analyzer Series is well-suited for applications across a wide range of industries.

With semi-automatic calibration, automatic zero and cell cleaning, this analyzer is a low-maintenance option for taking fast and accurate measurements across a variety of water analysis processes.

– The Seres Topaz Titrimetric and Potentiometric Analyzer is ideal for the precise, automatic, and continuous measuring of:

  • Hardness – (TH) in potable water, wastewater and effluents.
  • Alkalinity – (TA) in po-table water, demin water, production and process water.
  • Chemical Oxygen Demand – (COD) in surface water.
  • Chloride – in potable water.

– The Seres Topaz Colorimetric and Absorptive Analyzers add even more options to your water analysis capabilities, including measuring:

  • Aluminum – in potable water, wastewater and effluents.
  • Ammonium – in potable water, wastewater and effluents.
  • Color – in potable water and surface water.
  • Iron – in potable water, surface water, wastewater and effluents.
  • Manganese – potable water, surface water, wastewater and effluents.
  • Phenols – in process water, wastewater and effluents.

Go here to see specs and details.

SWAN has long been our trusted source for photometric analyzers. Let us know if you'd like assistance finding the right Seres OL solution for your process applications. View more Swan Analyzers here.

For a demo or more information, schedule a call with one of our Account Managers today.

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