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Honeywell Industrial Flame Monitoring (IFM) for Heated Process Applications

Honeywell IFM products are tailor-made for the unique demands of industrial heated processes and are designed for the highest level of function and flame discrimination. They can be configured and diagnostics monitored remotely across multiple sensor options which makes them highly flexible in the field. 

DMS is maintaining over $200,000 in inventory of the Honeywell Thermal Solutions' Industrial Flame Monitoring (IFM) line for quick delivery and turnaround time.

Combined with our Servomex line of process heater gas and CEMS analyzers, DMS has strongly complimented the solutions we offer for our customers' process heater demands with the addition of Honeywell's Industrial Flame Monitoring product line.

In addition to market expertise, our DMS customers have access to a complete team of experienced sales professionals, technical support personnel, and logistics know-how with top sales engineers at Honeywell.

Honeywell IFM Technology

Honeywell Industrial Flame Monitoring systems use shutterless UV Tron with pulse technology. UV Tron based systems are not adversely affected by gamma and x-rays making them ideal for flame monitoring in the toughest environments. Multiple sensors operating independently provide monitoring of difficult flames and a high level of discrimination. In addition, adjustable flame on/off threshold, gain, and flicker settings provide for ease of configuration. All industrial flame monitoring products meet reliability standards of a wide range of applications and are fit for use in SIL 3 operations.

In the product line are tools with these specialty functions:

  • U2S Series - An all-in-one integrated processor and viewing head system for single or multi-burner, multi-fuel, and difficult flame detection applications. Eliminates the need for a separate processor, which saves on cabinets and wiring. Perfect for sensor options in difficult flame monitoring applications requiring a high level of discrimination. Adjustable flame on/off threshold.
  • 700 Series Signal Processors - Single-channel, fail-safe, self-checking flame monitoring with low-power consumption and environmentally sealed switches. Modbus RS422 communication for use with FlameToolsPC or FlameTools-HMI/U supports 32 loops. Medium-level discrimination, and high reliability
  • P531 and P532 Series Signal Processors - Fail-safe, self-checking signal processors capable of monitoring two S55XBE and one S70X series viewing heads simultaneously. Able to display UV and IR flame count separately when used with the S550BE viewing head. The P531 + P532UI detachable user interface reduces cost when multiple units are required.
  • GHE1-3 and GHE2-5 Series Gas Igniters - Designed for continuous operation because they are non-fouling, inextinguishable, high-energy igniters. The self-cleaning igniter spark tip ignites fuels regardless of accumulated hardened oil and debris on the tip. Three-stage ignition and internal mix technology allow for consistent operation, which overcomes problems associated with an external mix that are ambient temperature-dependent. GHE igniters are the ideal choice for high energy output and reliable ignition. Flanged connection and quick disconnect for HT line. Powerpacks are available in 110 or 220 VAC input.

Another option in this line is a custom solution for field crews who need an Engineered-to-Order solution.

Download the full info sheet with features, specifications, and approvals.

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