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Memosens: Smart Digital Liquid Analysis

How can you increase the visibility of your critical processes to give you the confidence that everything is working as it should? With smarter analytics technology, of course!

There have been significant improvements in liquid analysis thanks to the Memosens smart digital technology from M4 Knick.

First of all, what is Memosens?

Memosens is a digital connection and communication protocol for analytical sensing technology. When using Memosens, a quality signal is assured through the use of a hermetically sealed, galvanically isolated, inductive connection at the probe.

How does Memosens improve liquid analytics?

Memosens provides clear, comprehensive diagnostics of your M4 Knick probe with unique "Sensor Network Diagram" that maps multiple characteristics of the probe. It uses an embedded microprocessor which gives you total moisture immunity for your liquid measurements (including providing full immersion capability) for a faster and more reliable sensor connection. This technology also reduces down-time in critical measurements while extending the life of your equipment. And, with M4 Knick "Smart" probes, you can perform calibrations in the controlled environment of the shop instead of in the field.

What other benefits are there to using Memosens smart digital technology?

Labor Reduction: We hear lots of stories regarding the labor-intensive maintenance processes that must be performed with liquid measurements such as pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and ORP. Memosens will allow you to significantly reduce maintenance of on-line liquid analysis with real-time diagnostics and predictive maintenance capabilities - The microprocessor doesn't just hold the calibration, it also keeps track of the measurement value (ph, time, temp, glass resistance). That information is collected and transmitted back to your control room continuously for increased, real-time visibility of your loop. Those four measurements are also used to predict the lifespan of your M4 Knick probe on a particular loop. That means you can schedule maintenance around when you know individual sensors need calibration or replacement. Rather than just bulk-scheduling maintenance or replacement for all your sensors, you can focus on the ones you know require attention.

What types of processes?

Memosens smart digital technology isn't just for refining applications. You can deploy them everywhere from chemical to pharmaceutical industries and so on. The need is there for every industry and critical applications will always benefit from this technology.

Can I use Memosens with existing analog tech?

Yes. M4 Knick does manufacture analog electrodes to work with your existing sensors and transmitters. You'll get the same durability and protection, just without the digital component.

Automated Systems in Critical Measurements

Take smart technology a step further with automated systems that can greatly reduce maintenance costs for the most difficult applications. Leverage these technologies to further automate portions or all of the maintenance in critical applications.

Our fully automated Unical system is specifically designed to reduce maintenance.

This system automatically cleans the electrode, thereby alleviating the strain on your maintenance shop. Rather than sending a technician out 3 or 4 times a day, this system fully automates that workload.

One fill of these buffers gives you 140 calibrations! And when it's time for a refill, the transmitter sends signal to control room. The best part about this system is that there is no need to take the process offline during cleaning and calibrating.

For a demo or more information, schedule a call with one of our Account Managers today. 

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