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The U2S Series All-In-One Industrial Flame Monitoring Solution by Honeywell Thermal Solutions

Honeywell Thermal Solutions' latest flame monitoring innovation: the U2S all-in-one flame monitor provides accurate discrete, analog, and communicated data in the harshest of environments while only requiring a small amount of panel space and maintenance.

As an Authorized Honeywell Distributor, Detection & Measurement Systems provides valuable sales & engineering support for both retrofit and new flame monitoring applications.

These SIL 3 capable flame monitors are compact & rugged, yet simple to apply & commission.  Users enjoy the highest level of reliability and flame discrimination even on the most challenging multi-burner applications.

All variants of the U2S are available with Class 1 Division 1 / Zone 1 Hazardous Classified Area compliance.

The U2S Series flame monitors are suitable for single burner, multi-burner, multi-fuel, and other challenging applications such as:

  • Burners firing on vapor, liquid, and solid fuels including 100% hydrogen applications
  • Industrial, utility, and combined cycle steam generation
  • Rotary kilns for cement, lime, calcination, and waste disposal
  • Thermal oxidizers, incinerators, enclosed flares, and combustors
  • Single & multi-fueled turbines
  • Black liquor recovery boilers
  • Sulfur reaction furnaces

What makes the Honeywell Thermal Solutions' U2S Flame Monitor unique? 

Instead of having a processor companioned with a remote viewing head, the U2S Series integrates both the processor and viewing head sensor(s) into a single burner mounted all-in-one flame monitor.  This is ideal if cabinet real estate is at a premium in your facility or if gaining access to these panels/cabinets is challenging.

The U2S Series has bundled the following advanced features to provide U2S users with unrivaled capabilities and safety:
  • Highly advanced on-board self-diagnostics
  • Electronic check (no mechanical shutter) limiting X-ray and Gamma ray interference
  • Independent & adjustable gain settings for each sensor
  • Ten selectable flicker frequency filters (limited to models with solid state sensors)
  • Integrated touchscreen user interface with easy scrolling menu
  • RS485 two-wire Modbus for remote monitoring and configuration access
  • File select input/output allows for external control of two pre-programmed device file settings with feedback to the burner control system

Download the Honeywell Industrial Flame Monitoring U2S product brochure for the full specs and details and then invite us for a walkthrough of your facility.  We'd love to see how Honeywell's latest in flame monitoring technology can make your life a little easier.
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