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Servomex SERVOPRO 1400 Phase Out

The SERVOPRO 4900 MultiGas (8900) Analyzer replaces the legacy SERVOPRO 4900 and many of the applications that would've been handled by the SERVOPRO 1440 Series. 

More than 30 years ago, Servomex began production of the SERVOPRO 1400 Series product line, as the first bench or rack mount gas analyzer designed for single or dual measurement Oxygen and Infrared percent-level measurements.

In May 2018, Servomex released the updated SERVOPRO 4900 MultiGas (8900) analyzer to replace the legacy SERVOPRO 4900 product and also cover many of the applications that, up to now, would have used a 1400 series product.

The new 4900 MultiGas incorporates the same industry-accepted sensing technologies, gas measurements, and ranges as found in the 1400 series product incorporated in a modern digital design. The 4900 MultiGas also offers a color touchscreen, advanced digital communication protocols, with additional inputs and outputs (I/O). Full technical details of available Servomex products can be found on PDF Report here.

DMS has 2 ways to support you in this transition:

  1. We will carry spare units and spare parts for the 1440 model until they're gone. (Call or chat with us online for help choosing the right parts.)
  2. Take an on-site test drive of the Servomex 4900 Multigas. Contact your rep for more details.

You may read Servmomex's entire Product Elimination Announcement about the SERVOPRO 1440 Series here. It includes
Appendix A, which shows the features of the discontinued product and its replacements, and Appendix B, which shows the product numbers of the SERVOPRO models that will be eliminated by Servomex by the end of 2021. 

For a demo or more information, schedule a call with one of our Account Managers today.

SERVOMEX 2021 Gas Guide

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