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Memosens* is a digital connection and communication protocol for analytical sensing technology. When using Memosens, a quality signal is assured through the use of a hermetically sealed, galvanically isolated, inductive connection. Calibration and sensor condition are continuously monitored and stored in the sensor head.


  • Galvanically isolated
  • Inductive electrical connection assures disturbance-free data transfer
  • Calibration data stored in the sensor head
  • Digital communication eliminates external interference and assures that calibration data is assigned to the correct sensor
  • Predictive maintenance
  • The sensor continuously monitors:
    • Wear
    • Glass impedance
    • Zero point
    • Slope
    • Response time
    • Calibration intervals
  • Submersible due to hermetically sealed sensor head
  • Memosens is an open-architecture digital protocol that is supported by several manufacturers as their standard

M4 Knick Memosens® Sensors

  • Smart sensor allows forc alibration in the shop/lab
  • No calibration fluids in the field
  • One-step startup with AXIS transmitter Durable
  • High temperature and pressure ratings Comprehensive
  • Wide range of pH, ORP, conductivity, and oxygen sensors available
M4 Knick Memosens® Sensors

M4 Knick Memosens® Cable

  • Simple, Quick disconnect at the sensor head
  • Inductive, all plastic, connection resistant to moisture and corrosion
  • No cable length restrictions
  • Junctions and extensions have no impact on signal quality
  • No grounding issues
M4 Knick Memosens® Cable

M4 Knick Axis Transmitters

  • Text driven menu
  • Multi-colored backlight provides sensor condition from a distance Informative
  • Sensocheck function provides automatic sensor condition monitoring
  • Alarms on failure
  • HART/AMS compatible
  • One device for pH, ORP, Conductivity, or Dissolved Oxygen
  • Works with Memosens or Analog sensors
  • 2-wire or 4-wire


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M4 Knick Axis Transmitters

M4 Knick Chemtrac Retractable Holders

  • Quick, One-step sensor insertion and retraction Safe
  • Eliminates projectiles
  • Eliminates process exposure
  • CIP and SIP compatible Adaptive
  • Manufactured in a variety of materials, process connections, and insertion lengthsChem


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M4 Knick Chemtrac Retractable Holders

Handylab Portable Meter | pH, ORP, Conductivity O2 Measurements

For Offline Calibration & Sensor Diagnostics

  • Automatic calibration of pH, ORP, conductivity, and oxygen sensors
  • Upload calibration data and sensor performance data to HandyLab Pilot software
  • Export to Excel
  • Built for the lab & the field
  • NEMA 4X
  • Sensor diagnostics graphically displayed

More information related to Portable pH, ORP, Conductivity O2 Measurements

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Handylab Portable Meter | pH, ORP, Conductivity O2 Measurements
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