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Welcome to The Cloud – Blackline Safety’s Connected G7 EXO Area Gas Monitor

Boasting the longest battery life in the industry (100 days), G7 EXO is as close to set-it-and-forget-it as it comes in our business. And, with 4G cloud connectivity, you're not only going to get automatic, real-time data collection from your monitor, you'll also be free from range restrictions and device maximums. Set as many monitors as you want and let the cloud carry the load. 

Deploying your devices has never been easier. Simply hit the Setup Wizard button and quickly set all your devices in the cloud. G7 EXO's sensors detect a wide range of gases and can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Enhanced by 360 degree air diffusion vents covering every direction, G7 EXO's sensors provide a rapid response to changes in gas levels. 

The durable G7 EXO is built to function in all manner of environments. Bad weather, moisture, and disaster conditions won't affect its sampling capability nor interrupt your real-time cloud connection to the device. G7 EXO's robust construction is designed for the most rugged conditions in harsh industrial and hazardous area environments. 

G7 EXO's warning alarms are triggered by your customizable gas detection thresholds. These include yellow warning lights to alert those in the immediate area and red warning lights to accompany an immediate alert communication to your technicians. A high volume siren will notify everyone in the area to evacuate if a threshold is breached. G7 EXO comes with 2 configurable outputs that allow you to connect to external sirens and other safety control systems, extending their reach even more. 

The screen is a sunlight-readable LCD which displays a highly visible connectivity status, current configuration settings, gas levels, and internal communications interfaced with a 3-button keypad. 

In addition to local visual communications from your G7 EXO, the push-to-talk feature turns your area monitor into a walkie-talkie. This push-to-talk voice communication can be between technicians in the field as well as other users with Blackline Safety devices, like the G7 portables. 

Since the G7 EXO is cloud-connected, everyone sees all the field information at the same time. When the technicians in the field are experiencing alarms, the control room and the emergency response personnel are all watching the same information. Real-time field information from all your Blackline Safety devices provides the best area safety coverage in the industry. 

Contact us today to see your demonstration of the G7 EXO and the Blackline Safety Live portal. 

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