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Servomex Solutions for Gas Detection and Monitoring Applications

2021 Servomex Product Guide

Servomex offers a robust selection of gas detection technologies for a variety of industrial processes. The analyzers are hand-built to precise requirements. 

Here are 3 of the most requested lines of Servomex gas analysis systems  with links to their full specs and details.

Servotough Hazardous Area

Reliable gas detection and monitoring where it matters most

In rough environmental conditions, your people need durable and reliable equipment to ensure the continued function of your processes.

DMS carries Servomex analyzers for a multitude of Hazardous Area processes including: refining, petrochemical, waste water treatment, process heating, power stations, combustion control, and many, many more.

Servomex uses game-changing technology in their designs for Hazardous Area equipment such as TDL's (Tunable-Diode Lasers), photometric gas analysis, and a variety of safety features.

Download the Product Guide.

Servpro Safe Area

Easy, safe, and efficient

DMS carries Servomex Safe Area products for a wide range of applications, including: ethylene production, air separation, heat treating, gas production, semiconductor production, compliance monitoring and more.

These versatile tools bring a new level of safety, compliance, and accuracy to your Safe Area processes using a variety of cutting-edge technologies for monitoring NOx emissions, flammable gases, hydrocarbons and more.

Download the Product Guide.

Servoflex Portables 

Gas analysis wherever you need it

Servomex is the medical care sector's go to provider of portable gas analysis technologies. Servoflex Portables are ideal for laboratories and research, combustion optimization, medical gas verification, air separation, gas bottling, and more.

Using state-of-the-art technology, Servomex Portable gas analyzers can be relied upon to accurately and safety monitor and analyze O2, CO, CO2 and other gases. And, because a fixed position isn't always ideal, these analyzers are 100% portable.

Download the Product Guide.

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