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Comparison of Gas Analysis Technologies in Control Fired Heaters

Comparison of Gas Analysis Technologies in Control Fired Heaters

Fired heaters are integral to hydrocarbon processing (HP). Specifically designed for the reaction of fuel and air to produce extremely high gas temperatures, heaters transfer this energy to potentially highly flammable process fluids via heat exchangers.

They consume large quantities of fuel, produce large quantities of emissions and are a potential safety hazard to personnel and plant. However, they are currently irreplaceable within many HP processes – so they warrant the highest levels of understanding and care in their operation and control.

Learn more from the Servomex white paper. Servomex are experts in Combustion Control. Download it here:

"A Comparison Of Gas Analysis Technologies Available For Efficient And Safe Combustion In Control Fired Heaters"

It's available for FREE and includes the topics:

  • Principles of effective combustion control in Fired Heaters
  • Zirconium oxide: Optimum techniques for Optimum Oxygen Control
  • TDL Technologies: A complementary technology to optimize process

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