The World Leader in Gas Analysis

  • Process and Lab Analyzers for Combustion Control, Emissions Monitoring, Process Control,
    Process Safety and Quality Control
  • Paramagnetic, TDL, Infrared, FID, Spectroscopic, UV Fluorescence, Gas Chromatography and
    Chemiluminescence technologies, among others.
  • Single-point solutions to complex multi-analyzer systems

M4 Knick

Smart pH/ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen Process Analytics

  • Rugged, low-maintenance in-process pH/ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen sensors
  • Analog or Memosens smart digital transmitters, allowing for calibration/diagnostics in the shop/lab
  • Chemtrac Retractable Holders Eliminate projectiles and process exposure

Swan Analytical Instruments

Water Quality Analyzers

  • Analytical instruments for measuring/monitoring Ammonium, Chlorine/Ozone/ClO2,
  • Hydrazine/Carbohydrazide, Nitrate, Phosphate, Silica, Sodium, and dissolved Oxygen
  • Applications include Feedwater, Steam Condensate, Potable Water, Cooling Water,
  • Waste Water Effluents, High Purity Water


Mobility & Productivity with Hazardous Area Tablets, Smart Phones and Camera

  • Rugged C1D1 & C1D2 Handheld Mobile Devices - Productivity Apps, Camera, Data/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, Push-to-Talk, Man-Down, Industrial Bluetooth Communication, and more..
  • Bluetooth communication to Rae Systems and Honeywell Analytics Gas Detection
  • Custom & Factory supported mobile device applications


LNG/LPG Tank Gauging Systems

  • LNG Level, Density, Temperature Tank Gauging Systems
  • LNG Tank Management/Stratification/Rollover Prediction Software
  • In-Tank Safety Shutoff Valves (Pneumatic and Hydraulic)