Honeywell Analytics

Combustible & Toxic Gas Detection

  • Point and Open Path Infrared hydrocarbon gas detectors
  • Electrocatalytic combustible gas detectors
  • SureCell electrochemical toxic gas detectors
  • Smart Transmitters offering HART, Modbus, Foundation Fieldbus and relays

Honeywell Rebellion

Large Area Fixed Gas Detection Using Video Gas Cloud Imaging (GCI)

  • Monitor, alert, quantify, and display explosive and toxic gas leaks on video as they occur.
  • Concentration, leak size and leak location are displayed. Real time alerts create actionable alarms and awareness of the extent of a release magnitude
  • Hyperspectral imaging technology speciates target gases from an extensive gas library

Honeywell Industrial Flame Monitoring

Reliable, Durable, and Flexible Solutions for the Most Challenging Burner Monitoring Applications

  • Designed for the highest level of function and flame discrimination.
  • Remote configuration, monitoring, and diagnostics, as well as multiple sensor options
  • The ideal solution for a wide array of industrial processes and applications.

Honeywell Analytics Fire Sentry

Optical Flame Detection

  • Unique Multi-Spectrum optical flame detectors
  • Exceptional performance and unmatched event diagnostics
  • Patented WideBand Infrared flame detection technology

Blackline Safety

Connected Wireless Portable Gas Detection & Lone Worker Safety Monitor

  • Cellular and satellite based wireless Lone Worker Safety Monitor & Single or Multi-Gas Personal
  • Gas Detection, with text and email remote alarm notification, 2-way voice communication
  • No-Motion Detection, Fall Detection, Check-In, SOS Latch, Mass-Notifications for Evacuations
  • Cloud-hosted monitoring portal with alert management, real-time map, historical view, configuration management


  • Performance Based Fire and Gas Detection Mapping and Detector Placement Services
  • SIS SIL Verification, Safety Requirements Specifications, and Function Safety Assessments.
  • HAZOP, LOPA, QRA and FMEA Analysis, Preliminary Hazards Assessment
  • Industrial Control System Cyber Security Conformance and Gap Analysis

Detection & Measurement Systems

Custom Sampling Systems for Monitoring Combustible & Toxic Gases

  • Utilizing Honeywell Analytics combustible and toxic gas detection technologies
  • Sample conditioning designed to address your special requirements
  • Systems packaged in stainless steel or fiberglass enclosures

RAE Systems

Wireless, Real-Time Portable Gas Detection Monitoring

  • Wireless, Real-Time Portable Gas Detection Monitoring
  • MeshGuard wireless transportable fixed toxic & combustible gas detection systems
  • Portable PID photoionization detector, measuring a broad range
  • of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Wireless Single and Multi-Gas portable combustible and toxic gas detectors

Safe Fire Detection

Early Warning Fire Detection, Linear Heat Detection Wire

  • ASD & ProSeries Aspirating Early Warning Fire Detectors
  • SafeCable Linear Heat Detection Wire
  • ProH2O Linear Liquid Leak Detector

Redgear Manufacturing

Air Sampling and Linear Heat Fire Detection Installation Products

  • RedPipe Aspirating Smoke Detection Sample System Pipe, Fittings & Installation Accessories
  • RedGear Linear Heat Detection Wire Installation Accessories
  • Reliable, Affordable, Easy to Use, Single Source and Made In America