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Sour Water Is Brutal on Sensors. Tough Sensors Stand Up

Sour Water Is Brutal on Sensors. Tough Sensors Stand Up
M4 Knick SE554 pH Memosens Smart Sensor

Sour water is a byproduct from steam stripping of crude oil in a variety of refinery distillation processes. The stripping tower uses steam to strip ammonia and hydrogen sulfide from the water. Other areas of the refinery, like the desalter or delayed coker, reuse the water.

The stripping process is challenging for pH electrodes because the junction can be affected by solids & sulfides. This can cause sensors to drift or fail.

Failed sensors cause all kinds of trouble for everyone involved. Tough, reliable sensors keep operations running efficiently and safely.

The SE 554 Memosens pH sensor is ideal for use in sour water. The sensor's open junction design is resistant to plugging media. In addition, the polymerized KCl electrolyte prevents poisoning of the Silamid® reference, which greatly extends sensor life.

So, what is Memosens?

A microprocessor in the head of the pH sensor allows for offline calibration and sensor health analysis. When using a Portavo portable analyzer, technicians can calibrate and troubleshoot in the shop or lab instead of inside the processing unit. Controlling the pH buffer solutions allows for more precise calibrations.

After calibration, the technician simply carries it out to the installation, disconnects the Memosens inductive cable, and does a "hot-swap" with no additional calibration or configuration.

Double block and bleed installations are a requirement in refineries. The CSR 3600 is a simple ball-valve retractable holder which allows the user to easily insert or remove the sensor through a ball valve.

Sensors can make or break a sour water operation. For more details read Sour Water Treatment Application Solutions.

Contact DMS for more information on the tough sensors that are right for your sour water processes. Use the live chat on the bottom right of this page, or complete our Contact Us form anytime you want us to come on-site or answer a troubleshooting question.

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