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Wartsila (formerly Whessoe)
LNG Tank Gauging Systems

Wartsila Tank Control Systems (formerly Whessoe S.A.) specializes in tank gauging systems for LNG and LPG applications. LNG has evolved into a major source of energy for the future, and Wartsila Tank Control Systems can supply your site with the only turnkey LNG tank gauging and storage management system available. Through Wartsila Tank Control Systemsí LNG Master (sold under license by Gaz de France), Warsila can offer dramatic cost savings through proper LNG stratification management.

Wartsila Tank Control Systems also manufactures unique "in-tank" LPG safety shutoff valves that insure that your safety shutoff valves remain intact and operational, even in the event of an accident that damages or destroys piping, valves and controls that are external to the tank.

LNG Tank Gauging and Management Systems


LNG is a "dynamic" liquid. If not controlled, it can generate a dangerous situation.

Inventory Management

Storage of LNG is a business. Exact data on mass contents are imperative.

Cost Control

Reliable, accurate data helps operators to take sound operational decisions that directly impact the business results.

Wartsila Tank Control Systems is the world's dominant supplier of LNG tank gauging systems, offering the only complete, turnkey LNG tank gauging solution available. LNG densities and temperatures, LNG liquid levels, tank temperature probes and LNG leak sensors are all monitored on a fully redundant "LNG Manager" communications platform providing full system information and management capabilities to the operators. "LNG Master", developed by Gaz de France, provides LNG stratification management and roll-over prediction that allows operators to utilise stratification as a tool to reduce LNG boil-off and dramatically reduce LNG storage operating costs!

Model 1146 LTD Servo Gauge

Model 1143 Cryogenic Servo Level Gauge

Model 1645 Temperature/Pressure Transmitter

LNG Master Stratification Management Software

Developed by Gaz de France to optimise the handling of LNG storage in terms of safety and cost reduction through:

Model 2047 High Pressure LPG Float Gauge

LPG "In-Tank" Safety Shutoff Valves

Model 1216 Portable LPG Gauge

About this product:

Manufacturer's website: wartsila.com

Product downloads:
  • LNG Application Summary
  • 11046 Servo Datasheet
  • In Tank Safety Valve
  • LPG Auto Level 02047DS
  • Portable Tank Gauge Datasheet
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